As a parent you discover the things you thought were bad actually aren’t as bad as you thought.

For example, you’re sick. Add a kid. Now you’re doing you best impression of the exorcist with your head down the toilet with a small child wrapped round your legs. They are demanding you wash their toothbrush FOR THE FOURTH TIME. You have no avalible partner to help so you take said child and place in the empty bath tub and throw in a toilet roll and worry about that mess another day.

Yes. That all comes from experience and I can’t tell you now I’d much rather puke my guts up alone

Another example is the slug that some how got into the house. It’s bad enough waking up to one on your kitchen tiles. But now imagine having to wake up to that and then 2 minutes later having to sit and clean the dirty bugger off the bottom of your 1 year olds bare foot.

I didn’t eat breakfast that morning.

But the number 1 worst experience as a parent has to be seeing your child ill and in pain.

Poor Jack inherited my terrible genes for poor health. He’s been plagued by sickness bugs and colds from day one. He even managed to get chicken pox at 8 months old but worse was to come.

I’d been back at work 3 days after maternity leave and Jack had done his first 3 full days at nursery and he was shattered. He slept pretty much the whole of the following day which I didn’t mind, he was quiet and I could chill. He woke up from a long nap to a huge lump on his neck. I panicked. Panicked like I never have before. I rushed him to the local walk in centre and was told he had mumps and that was that. Calpol and cuddles.

Three days later the lump was growing and his temperature was close to reaching 41. I wanted to blue light him to hospital but we took the less dramatic route and got a taxi.

After 3 days at the local hospital and nobody knowing what the hell was wrong we were transferred to The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Multiple scans and blood tests later and Jack finally got diagnosed with an abscess on his lymph gland which required surgery.

Now, the worst bit. Dan, my partner, walking into the operating theatre with Jack in his arms, Jack screaming for me. I walked back to the ward numb. I’d just left my baby’s life in someone else’s hands, someone I didn’t even know.

When Jack came out of surgery it was probably one of the most relieving moments of my life.

A week and a lot of IV antibiotics later we were allowed home. 2 weeks later and we went back to work, nursery etc as though nothing happened.

Jack had the teeniest scar on his neck ever. Its now faded which I’m pretty bummed about because I had loads of fun stories to tell him when he was older.

But, yeah, the worst mum moment ever.

Next time I’m sick, whether Jacks wrapped round my legs or not, I’ll remember even that isn’t that bad.




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