So, since I last posted not a whole lot has changed.

My son has taken a keen likeness to the Disney film ‘Moana’ and I can now proudly rap the entire of Dwayne Johnsons song ‘you’re welcome’ (this is my achievement of the year so far.) Jack can can also sing part of the words to ‘shinny’ and walk round like a crab.

The main issue with the obsession is that’s all I see on the TV and my mother loves it too. Twice a week I usally have her and Jack rolling round the carpet re-enacting Moana and Mauis plunge into the depths of the realm of monsters. Fun times and headaches.

We went on our first family holiday and it was awesome, though at times, testing. Jacks inability to walk properly more than 10 meters, combined with his refusal to go in the carrier and the fact we didnt take a pram, meant that we all took it in turns to carry him and he’s god damn heavy. This kid weighs over 2 stone and in comparison to my not quite 8 stone body it’s like carrying a tone of bricks with kicking legs.

Jack got his first trip to the beach and his first stay in a caravan. He claimed a room whilst there and since we’ve come home he’s been in his own room, minion themed at his request.

I came home to find out my blood iron levels were ridiculously low. You need levels of 70ish for hair growth, mine were 16. It’s no wonder I’ve spent the last 12 months feeling like I’m close to passing out and my hair is falling out.

The doctor isn’t convinced this is the sole reason behind my Alopecia and I’ve been referred to a dermatologist at the local hospital.

I’m not going to lie, I’m struggling. It’s heart breaking waking up to hair all over your pillow or washing your hair and clumps coming out in your hands. It’s bringing me down but I’m trying to stay strong for my family.

At the moment I’m torn between leaving what I’ve got and hoping it re-grows or shaving the whole lot off.

I’m under the impression that shaving it off will give me the control back, I’ll have the say on when my hair comes off my head. Surely it will be less painful that waking up in the morning and finding another new patch of hair gone or emptying my brush in tears?

Im holding on to hope that the iron tablets I’m on will kick start my hair into growing back but for now I just need to make a decision for my emotions at this moment.

To shave or not to shave? That is the question.


  1. Becca you’re an extremely strong woman! Don’t let this get you down, okay! No matter what you are ph so beautiful inside and out and hair or not you will still thrive! Missing you !


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