So since receiving my diagnoses of Alopecia I have had to look at myself as a whole new person.

It hasn’t been easy. The old me was quite happy to throw my hair up into a ‘mum-bun’ and be done with it. My makeup has always been simple and my dress sense wasn’t much more complected either. Now I’m left with a whole different scenario in the morning. I have no hair to throw up, very few eyebrows and quickly disappearing eyelashes too.

I’ve almost mastered the art of drawing my eyebrows on without them looking like something you’d find in the garden, and because I like to wear liquid eyeliner, it doesn’t matter if my false lashes don’t quite sit on the lash line. I’m getting there and I’ve even bought some makeup sponges and brushes. (You proud Rosie?)

My main issue, obviously, is having no hair on my head.

I’ve not reached the point of being brave, or sure enough of myself to be able to go out without wearing something to cover my baldness up. This is where Masumi Headwear comes in.

I spotted this fabulous brand on Instagram a few weeks back thanks to the lovely lady Michelle Anna Moffatt’s posts. She was wearing the most beautiful hats and they were all aimed at people, like me, who were suffering with some form of hair loss. I quickly followed the page and so my journey with #teammasumi began.

I received seven different hats through the post, each were beautifully packaged supporting there brand logo. I received ELLIE, REBECCA, YANA (pictured above in white spiral) in two different colours, LOLA, PRIMROSE AND ROSALIND. Each hat comes in a variety of colours and amazingly the YANA hat also supports its own scarf which comes in the most fabulous varieties of patterns too.

Each hat is beautifully made, soft and comfortable and because they are made with us baldies in mind they come free of internal stitching, so no nasties to rub on the scalp which can become super sensitive.

Thanks to all the beautiful colours i am yet to find an outfit that I haven’t got a hat to match.

My favourite hat I have received is the ELLIE hat (pictured above) which is made with Bamboo. The fabric is like magic. It keeps you cool when its hot out and then in the classic British rainy and wintery weather it will keep you toasty and warm. I love the beautiful green colour I received mine in and have found it pretty much matched everything I own.

Each hat is perfect in it’s own way, some relatively simple like the REBECCA and ELLIE and some that can easily be dressed up for a night out like the PRIMROSE and ROSALIND. Each seems to bring me some form of confidence when I wear it and an ability to face the world without feeling ‘out of fashion’ or look ‘sick’ (which is something that a lot of people seem to assume when you have no hair).

When hair loss happened to me I thought that was the end of the line and I could no longer feel good being me. Since finding Masumi though I am able to keep feeling good, feeling stylish and be true to who I am. I can still be Rebecca and still dress how I use to.

The only difference now is I don’t have hair.

What I do have is my confidence and the ability to step out with my head held high. Yes, my appearance may have changed but I’m still able to walk around town with the same good feeling I use to.

I might not have my ‘mum-bun’ but I do have my amazing hats. To some it may sound silly, but truly this brand has given me my confidence and my ability to feel good back.

I haven’t been asked, or paid, to say any of the above. I am just truly passionate about this brand and the way they are supporting people with hair loss and making people feel amazing.

Follow Masumi Headwear on Instagram for all there latest posts @

And have a browse of there website where purchases can be made @

Peace out ✌🏻



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