Well today ended in Jack walking round Sainsbury’s in a hat, tshirt, nappy and a pair of Spider-man wellies he’d pulled of the shelf. He paraded round whilst I got stares of strangers for my sons inappropriate attire.


We’d been to the gardening centre in the best of British weather (rain) with Jack dressed predominantly summer wear. Canvas shoes, toddlers and puddles should never mix, especially when you have nothing spare.

Within 10 minutes of us being there Jack was knee deep in mud, rain water and geraniums, screaming like it was the best thing ever.

A little voice followed me round for the next thirty minutes. “Wet, mama wet. Eww. Shoes wet. Dirty.” Trying to explain to an almost 2 year old (😫) that that is what happens when you decide to do your own interpretation of River dance in a muddy puddle is difficult.

Hurrahforgin got it pretty much on point for me today.


I’ve finally reached the point in my Alopecia journey where I feel I’d be more confident wearing a wig. I’m bored of scarves and I just want something more ‘me’. I want my ginger back.

A girl I knew from college, Robyn, has very kindly offered me her wig that she use to wear after seeing my shout out on Facebook and I am so so grateful. Some people can make your day, month and year without even knowing.

But on that note I’d like to raise some awareness for Robyn.

At present Robyn is battling, and whooping the arse of a chronic and invisible illness. She wanting to beat the stigma surround stomas and shhh, poo (🙃). Her blog is amazing and honest and she’s so brave to turn her expirence into a learning curve for other people.

I’ve added the links below so please check them out.

Follow her blog at: https://onespoonatatime.blog

Her blogs Facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/takingitonespoonatatime/

I’m also in the next few weeks being tested for Coeliac disease, which like Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder.

My symptoms of fatigue, tingling hands and feet, bloating, HAIRLOSS(!) etc all point to it. Finally I might be getting somewhere to finding out why I’m so god damn tired and miserable.

Hopefully I’ll have some answers soon and be able to start feeling like Becca again 😁

Remember, comment, like and share! Also please give Robyn’s blog a read and share. Let’s get some awareness!!!

Peace out ✌🏻


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