Today I finally felt ready to review my Honeysuckle wig by Natural Collection.

First off I’ll start with, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE WIG. Yes, my favourite wig EVER. The comfort, style, practicality and versatility of this wig is off the charts and I’d honestly be happy to wear this wig every day for the rest of my life.

The wig itself is 100% hand tied, has a monofilament top allowing the parting to be swapped and changed around to the wearers desire. The wig also has a lace front giving the illusion of a natural hair line.

The lace front is EXCEPTIONAL. It is almost impossible to notice against the skin and being someone that struggles with the itch of a lace against my forehead, this one I haven’t yet felt.

The wig is soft against the scalp and even without a wig cap is comfortable to wear.

When first wearing the wig I used a small amount of foundation against the parting to hide the dark knots at the ‘root’ of the hair. This is perfectly normal for darker wigs and even more so with my skin tone.

The wig has a long fringe measuring around 24cm long and the longest layer of hair from the crown to end of the strand is 51cm.

The length of this wig is extremely flattering and for me just perfect.

It is long enough to be a ‘long’ wig (I hope that makes sense 😂), but not long enough to cause the constant tangle that I have found with some of my other longer wigs. I was able to wear it out to the beautiful English coast on an October day and still, when I got home, found it easy to brush through with a wig brush.

The length was perfect for the updo I tried out today. For me this was the icing on the cake. The ablitly to wear my ‘hair’ up in a messy bun for the first time since losing my hair was honestly the most fantastic feeling. It was my signature hairstyle previously and today I felt part of my old style return.


I have been able to wear this wig constantly, apart from sleeping in, for a week before I felt that it needed washing. It looked equally as beautiful after washing and dried in it’s perfect before style.

I received the wig in the colour Dark Red which is just beautiful and will 100% be buying it in more colours in the future.

I honestly don’t have a fault to say about this wig. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a longer wig that wants the freedom to style.

Definitely give this wig a try. It’s 100% worth your money ☺️

P.S I was sent this wig complimentary by Natural Image Wig but was not asked to say any of the above, in fact I wasn’t even asked to write this review. I just needed to let people know!


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