In today’s world I am so glad that i didn’t have a little girl.

In fact, these days I don’t suppose it is a great deal easier having a boy. The issues of beauty and body awareness effect men as much as women.

Societies view on beauty and social acceptance, what even is it?


I started to write this post the other night but I realised that even though most of my posts are rambles and rants, that this one was a step too far after fuelling my self on a bottle of wine. I am also an incredible light weight and I might as well of wrote the post after a full on rave down in Canal street’s bars.

So here will be my slightly altered version of the post. I’ve let my sober mind have a wonder over it and extract the actual English.


From my point of view i don’t care what people think is beautiful. Dress and wear what you want. Paint your face and wear makeup. Have more piercings than you have ear lobes and shave off your hair. Be extreme or be natural. Chose surgery to make your boobs and bum bigger or smaller. Be different. Be you.

It’s when peoples views on beauty, ‘perfection’, are pushed on someone else I have something to say. Just because someone looks different to you, or doesn’t meet your ideals, doesn’t mean that they aren’t beautiful. Difference is beautiful.

Imagine if we all looked the same. What sort of boring world would we be stuck in then?

Remember Barbie? She was my idol growing up. She was my definition of perfection. Tiny waist, huge eyes, long blonde hair and massively long legs. Issue is, if we made Barbie into a real person and kept all her proportions the same she wouldn’t be able to stand. She would also, more than likely be dead. Thanks to her miniature waist and extremely compressed ribs her internal organs would be crushed. Poor Barbie.

But see what I mean? I longed to look like Barbie for a lot of my childhood. She was pushed on me and I was told she was beautiful. I wanted to be beautiful. Media pushed the image of the Barbie doll on me too with celebrities with similar looks and tiny bodies. As a child looking on with pure innocence I saw beauty, now I look on and think half of the people I saw as perfect as being pretty damn ill and definitely not what a child should aspire to be.

Again, I am not saying these people aren’t beautiful, because damn i would kill to look half as good as one of the Victoria secrets angels, but what I am trying to get across is that society is pushing one definition of beauty at us all the time.

These days the media seems to paint beauty as anyone that can be remotely linked to looking like Kim Kardashian. They have pumped up lips and a deep dark tan, boobies that look like they’re going to pop and an arse to match. Now, I’m not saying that isn’t beautiful, because again I could only dream to look like that, but this is now become the latest ‘Barbie’ craze. The new dream perfection, the latest look of ideal beauty.

What is wrong with being an individual?

These last few months have been tough for me. I am having to adjust to a different me, a different way of seeing myself as beautiful.

My hair was always the focal point of what ever I did. My bright ginger locks stood out of the crowd and were either the focal point of lots of complements or the occasional bad mouthed teens heckle.

I am trying to look at myself as being beautiful as much as I can.

I am trying to improve my wardrobe and my makeup skills as well as looking into different ways to accessorise my head.

I don’t want to wear my wig all the time. Its not always comfortable, some days its just too hot to wear or my glasses rub on my ears because of the weight.

And the sad thing is more I think about it the more I realise I don’t always wear my wig for me. I wear it for other people. I wear it so I don’t get looks or sly comments of people, people I know more often than strangers. I wear it to blend in to the crowd. I love my wig majority of the time, I feel amazing when i wear it and I cant thank Robyn enough for giving it to me, but there are someday’s when I wished I didn’t care about what other people thought and got on with it. Some days i’d love to just walk out, bald patches and all and not care.


Some days i wish there was no ‘ideal beauty’. I wish that everyone could be who they aspired to be with no pushes off people or media.

If you want to be beautiful the natural you, do it. You want to alter yourself and look different whether that is tattoos or plastic surgery, do it. Do what you want to be your kind of beautiful. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, why should anyone else care?

All that matters is that you feel beautiful as yourself.


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